Dispositivos de vigilancia y control de procesos de producción de maquinarias textiles.

PROTECHNA has a strong development department that has, in addition to the topical new
and further developments, always an open ear for customer wishes too. We see the
cooperation with the design and development departments of the leading textile machine
manufacturers as basis for the equipment of tomorrow.

The limitation of our product line to the textile industry was and is a necessary consequence to keep up with the current know-how.  Important for us is, that our products offer an as high as possible use for our customers that consequently supports our customers with the achievement of their goals. Our qualified employees in field service and sales, as well as in the office, repair and dispatch, are always at your service.

A special importance is laid into the benefit of competent advice for the right choice of equipment and an extensive, reliable support during the regular operation of the equipment. For customers abroad, our extensive service is completed by our agents. At the contentment of our customers we measure the quality of our work and the success of our company.

Our product line covers:

  • Thread break control systems for Tricot, Raschel and weaving machines with the help of innovative laser light barrier technology and computer-controlled evaluation devices
  • Scanner for monitoring the fabric on Tricot and Raschel machines
  • CCD camera monitoring system for fabric
  • Digital thread counter to monitor the warp sheet on warping, beaming, sizing, draw warping and similar machines
  • High precision thread controlling devices for the detection of slubs down to the smallest capillary breaks for warping and beaming machines
  • Digital needle sensor for the detection of faults on circular knitting machines
  • Production data acquisition for the textile industry


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