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M1 and M1 knit & wear. Mòdele software

M1 and M1 knit & wear. Mòdele software

Pattern software M1 and M1 knit and wear from Stoll: pattern preparation systems that incorporate all views.

The situation is well-known: On the one hand, there is hardly any time available for pattern creation. On the other hand, an increasing number of patterns are required as well as interim collections. Coordination between technicians and designers often leads to pattern modification. Usually far too many test fabrics are required until final agreement has been achieved.

All this is now different: The pattern software M1 and M1 knit and wear from Stoll makes pattern creation quicker, easier and better structured.

The new pattern software M1 and M1 knit and wear offer one program for all pattern techniques. You can easily create patterns with graphical support - the pattern software takes over most of the elements of knitting know-how. Your work is made easier by ready-to-use basic patterns and a collection which encompasses a large number of constantly available knitting modules.

And what’s more: you can prepare patterns in two different views, either in the fabric view or the technical view. You can therefore see in advance what your fabric will later look like. This obviously saves on test fabrics. Furthermore, the source of all patterns can be traced at any time, which permits mutual utilisation and processing of patterns by different knitwear technicians.

Further M1 highlights

  • Designing only one pattern, easy transfer to a 2-part knitting - also for the machines of our Compact- and Special Class.
  • Automatic transfer of a pattern into 1 x 1 technique for knitting on a machine in our Special Class (e.g. from E5 to E5.2).
  • Online function for quick transfer of programs to the knitting machine.
  • Picture import function for the automatic conversion of BMP and TIF files to knitting data. 
  • Transfer of the programs from one machine type to another by mouseclick. 
  • Determination of the yarn consumption and running time. 
  • Links to cutting programs via DXF files. 
  • Convenient Help function (cross references, index and keyword search).  
  • Open system thanks to Windows operating system.

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