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Lechler products for fashion and graphics

Perfectly situated in the textile centre of Como, renowned worldwide in the fashion industry, Lechler developed in the 60s a range of Screen Chemicals and water-based pastes for textile printing.

INKS: a quality speciality   
The focus on the screen-printing sector has enabled the Manoukian-Argon products to become a worldwide quality reference for screen inks and screen chemicals.

With the continuous development of printing technology the Manoukian-Argon products have also continued their process of development to serve the Fashion and more recently the Graphics sectors. This is particularly so with the range of UV products developed in the new R&D centre.

Innovation is key and is amply demonstrated in the new range of inks for the fast-growing Digital printing sector. 

Customer orientation, Customer service and Customer support are strong features of this business and this includes a state-of the art Training Centre where products and equipment can be tried and tested together by customers from around the world. Full back up is provided by a team of product specialists.

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