Intelligent unraveling machine for knitted fabrics. Let your production be insured, let your factory be more efficient!

Being in the knitwear garment industry for many years had long been a nightmare to overcome the problem of recovering wasted yarns to fit industry’s needs.
Most of the time it may be very difficult to avoid the spoilt production due to many reasons, such as kind of yarn, kind of pattern, kind of machine used and most importantly skill of the knitting machine operator.

Over the previous years many mechanism had been tried and has still been rarely satisfactory to recover, but only small percentage of the fabric types.

Seeing the piles of faulty knitted, wasted, spoilt, rejected fabrics during the production urged us to develop an unraveling machine which would serve its purpose for the knitting industry on a full range of yarns used.

The decision has become more critical as higher quality, finer and more expensive yarns have been employed, particularly with the current trend to finer gauges and often finer count and more delicate yarns. It should handle bulky yarns on the one hand while being directly applicable to weak delicate and expensive yarns such as Cashmere, as well as Lambswool, Shetland, Angora, Merino, Acrylic, Cotton Alpaca, Chenille, Boucle, Modal, Polyamide and Polyester should have all been successfully recovered.

Fabric types which should be unraveled include single and double jersey, Milan Rib, cable, lace, intarsia, shaped and internal garments, jacquard, rib, links, tuck and plated patterns etc.

Multi-count yarn should be unraveled by separating the plies as well as should be possible to unravel them together, even if there are some tension or length differences among the plies.

Intelliwinder should be used by any operator, easy to use, intelligent to understand the type of unraveling to be applied automatically, and shouldn’t evade any yarn dust in the manufacturing area. We are proud of performing to build the IntelliWinder satisfying all the above needs of any knitter. This machine can actually do all!

Unraveling by model:
4T: 4 unravelers
6T:  6 unravelers
8T:  8 unravelers
10T: 10 unravelers
12T:  12 unravelers

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