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Layret Offices
Layret’s service levels are based on much more than machine sales. Our team, composed of over 40 people, works hard every day to integrate all the services related to your investment, from initial counseling at the time of purchase through repairs, machine maintenance, and training of operators, to spare parts supply.

Layret is very much aware of the quality level its clients demand, and sets up agreements with the major machinery and spare parts manufacturers in the industry in order to create a complete catalog of quality products for supply continuity.

Layret showroom
 Layret Showroom
Layret Showroom


Layret warehouse
Our permanent spare parts and parts stock, which is constantly renovated due to the high rotation volume, allows us to guarantee optimum delivery times, without compromising your economic replacement costs nor limiting your productivity.

Thus, we have made available to you the options of phone, fax, and web ordering, not to mention our new, innovative facilities, where you may see and try the best machines in the market. 

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