Brand: STOLL
Model: CMT 211 gauge 12
Brand: Monti Antonio
Model: SEPARATEX 904

The new, over 4.000 m2 facilities, centralize all office services, spare parts stock, maintenance and repair workshops, and the permanent exhibit of the most innovative machinery. You may find us in Spain at LAYRET  TRADING SPAIN Administrative office: C/ Trafalgar, 21 08010 Barcelona [Map] Phone: +34935799470 Email: Warehouse: Parque Industrial Granollers – Montmeló ...

Layret reaches distribution agreements with textile machinery manufacturing companies worldwide in order to offer its clients the best and largest supply of specialized products in the industry. The most prestigious brands include:
Can Cabanyes, 88 · Parque Industrial Granollers - Montmeló (ALMACEN y TALLER) · 08400-Granollers · Barcelona
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